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Craft Beer Vilnius
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2015 m. rugpjūčio 13 d.

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  • The very first Lithuanian craft cider is on the way

    2015 m. Balandžio 15 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    For ages Lithuanian cider was just a synonym for a macro made alcopop.It looks like this spring will bring us some tasty changes. A few cider enthusiasts put their hands together to make some real cider from locally grow … Skaityti toliau →

  • “Prie Katedros” has released a new Chocolate stout

    2015 m. Kovo 20 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    Yesterday evening Vilnius home brewers were invited to a brewery restobar “Prie Katedros” where the first keg of their new Chocolate stout was cracked. This new beer is the second one that the local home brewer Gedim … Skaityti toliau →

  • Prie Katedros

    2015 m. Kovo 18 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    Being one of of just a few places within the brewery on site “Prie Katedros” has a nice opportunity to step into a circle of Vilnius beer landscape changers. Howeverthis is not always the case here. Their core beers … Skaityti toliau →

  • Beer museum

    2015 m. Kovo 17 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    “Ber museum” enriches Vilnius beer scene by importing some post modern crafty brews from Czech republic. IfCzech IPA, stout or pale does not sound strange to you than we consider you some sort of a freak. For hundred … Skaityti toliau →

  • Sarkozy

    2015 m. Kovo 16 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    “Sarkozy” will serve you well when you’re just tired of beer but still feel in need of something crafty and refreshing. They import real cider and calvados straight from Normandy,France. The selection is not huge b … Skaityti toliau →

  • This is just the beginning

    2015 m. Kovo 13 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    Hello dear readers. I’m super excited about this new start. By blogging about craft beer Iuse to feel more like a graphomaniacinstead of creating something really valuable. It looks like this is just about to change. T … Skaityti toliau →

  • Šnekutis – Mikalojaus

    2015 m. Kovo 13 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    Although it’s in the middle of Vilnius old town somehow you can feel this rural vibe about this place. “Šnekutis” is a family owned and operated bar chain. The bar on Mikalojaus street is the third and the largest … Skaityti toliau →

  • Bambalynė

    2015 m. Kovo 13 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    For a few years already “Bambalynė” is a leading bottle shop representing Lithuania’s small independent beer producers.If you’re in a search of Lithuanian beer exclusively this place has it all. More that 80 dif … Skaityti toliau →

  • Alaus namai

    2015 m. Kovo 11 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    Started several years ago “Alaus namai” is still going strong. The bar is located a few steps off the tourist path but it is still worthpaying a visit. Large seating area provides enough room for visitors but keep in … Skaityti toliau →

  • Alaus biblioteka

    2015 m. Kovo 11 d. / Craft Beer Vilnius

    Highly recommended! More than 300different beerssorted by 60 different styles. Hands down “Alaus biblioteka” is one of the top beer placesin Vilnius. Outstanding interior design feels posh. On the other hand it feels … Skaityti toliau →

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